Ever since inception, Interscope has grown consistently to establish itself as a chosen service provider for a large base of clientele. By taking the time to understand the competitive and technological landscape, we are able to specify and implement our client's communication & objectives precisely.

We are hooked and hosted on high performance dedicated Servers with high-speed multiple T3 connectivity for maximum reliability and network access.The essence of communication is definitely the mechanism of design...

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Trail Blazer Tours India Pvt Ltd is owned by the well known Katgara Group, pioneers in the travel and tourism industry. The Katgara Family began its involvement in travel and tourism as far back as 1925, when Jeena and Company (established in 1900) diversified into the travel field with Jeena Tours and Travels, the first Indian - owned travel company.
Chapters International

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Chapters International is a global provider of customized workshops, in-service training, educational conferences and other consulting services in the education sector, which support the professional development of educators. All our courses are certified and meticulously chosen to provide practical and complete solutions to educators to unleash the potential of children.

Marrtinaa jewellery


J. B. Petit High Scool

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Education at JB presents students with opportunities to discover their unique abilities and talents. This spirit of discovery, driven by the willingness to take healthy risks, both socially and intellectually — is what makes a JB education transformative, exhilarating, and sometimes challenging.
Concern India Foundation


Nithya Rajendran

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Music lies at the very heart of life and existence. At the seat of creation, lies rhythm and the primordial sound. When music touches a person, whether he or she is a lay listener, a connoisseur, an instrumentalist, a percussionist, a singer or a musicologist, it bestows a bliss that cannot be captured in words.

Concern India Foundation


Indian Discovery Tours

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When you decide to visit India, you need the best to put all the pieces together so that you maximize your time and resources to get the most out of your visit.
Traveling alone, with your family or with a group, we ensure you see the best India has to offer. Come, experience India and awaken all your senses!

Concern India Foundation


Wimco Engineering

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Wimco's mission to excel as a packaging solution provider is portrayed through their website. By understanding the customer supply chain and value chain the website offers solutions which are innovative, cost effective and confirm to global standards.



TCI Conferences

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TCI is recognized as a premier event organizer for any symposium, seminar or conference requirement in India.
TCI has over 40 years of experience in coordination of meetings and conferences and in organising seminars/symposiums for 10 - 10,000  participants.

The site offers online registrations, hotel bookings, pre & post tour bookings, abstract submissions and online payment modules.

Automated booking & payment status reports are also available.

TCI Conferences


Sunflower School

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Sunflower Nursery School is one of the leading nursery schools in South Bombay. Through the map based website parents can keep abreast of the latest happenings in school through various Photo Galleries, Current News Sections & Videos.

Sunflower School


Watermaker India

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The company operates the unique business of "water extraction" from the atmosphere and facilitates this technology and products for worldwide markets.


Consumers and distributors can get in touch with the company enquiring about their showcased products through the online forms available.

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Naazendeh Mecklai Clinical Dietician and Nutritional Counsellor

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Naazendeh is certified in Nutrition and Diet Planning from Gold Coast Training Academy, Australia. She has done her counselling course on the Robert Carkuff's model and an advanced counselling course in Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy developed by Dr Albert Ellis.
She believes that everyone has a right to good health through nutritious food and exercise which are very crucial for a healthy lifestyle and prevents lifestyle diseases.

Watermaker india



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